Why choose Weis Eye Center?

Weis Eye Center is the first clinic in the Northland to offer zLASIK (all laser LASIK), the best and safest vision correction procedure available today!

Dr. Weis uses the latest generation Ziemer technology that is a 100% all laser LASIK procedure that restores sharp vision in an even safer and more comfortable procedure.

We own our laser, so it stays in our surgery center and is serviced here.

Dr. Weis and his staff explain everything in detail and ensure you feel comfortable making the decision to improve your vision.

Is LASIK expensive?

Yes! LASIK should be expensive since it is an investment in the facility, technology, and an experienced surgeon who can give you the best possible outcome. LASIK is definitely a large investment but one should consider the VALUE in LASIK: -the cost over time of glasses, contacts, and supplies -the time spent on them and the hassle of them interfering with your daily activities -a more free lifestyle Over time, LASIK essentially pays for itself If you think LASIK is valuable for your investment, consider setting up a free screening to find out if you are a good candidate.


Bausch & Lomb ZLASIK or PRK

Bausch & Lomb ZLASIK or PRK is currently $2000 per eye* payable on the day of surgery to Weis Eye Center. We accept cash, cashiers check, credit/debit cards, and financing is available (upon approval) through CareCredit. Please apply prior to surgery.

If paying by personal check, we will need payment at least 1 week prior to your procedure. Personal checks will not be accepted on day of surgery.

Price Includes:

  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • Facility Charge
  • Laser Access Fee
  • Prescription post operative drops
  • Follow-up care for one year
  • One free enhancement within the first post operative year (enhancement is subject to Dr. Weis’ discretion)

The pre-operative exam cost is in addition to the cost of surgery

We will bill your exam to your medical insurance. We are not providers for any vision plans. If your insurance denies any of your exam prior to surgery, we will collect on the day of surgery.

If you have any questions, please discuss them with Dr. Weis or staff.

* All prices are subject to change without notice.