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I have nothing but accolades for the entire experience of LASIK at Weis Eye Center. The process of LASIK can be intimidating and I approached it with a fair amount of trepidation, but the staff's professionalism and confidence completely eased any anxiety. I am beyond thrilled I chose Weis Eye Center and would highly recommend them to anyone with any sort of eye care needed.

Denny - 2023

Not your typical doctor's office. This is probably one of the most salt-of-the-earth, upbeat, passionate, dedicated practices upon which I've stepped foot. It was my pleasure to have worked there briefly and although by my own determination I was not the right fit for the job. I can testify first-hand to the kindness and pride this group of people takes to their work, every day. Each employee is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, some boasting up to 20 years' experience. The head practitioner is highly respected in the area by other opthamologists and optometrists, and rightfully so. I hate to say they are old-fashioned, because they do utilize cutting-edge (pun intended, LASIK patients) technology; but they are old-fashioned in terms of values: seeing patients as patients, rather than customers, and treating their employees impossibly well. Each employee has, rich, long-standing relationships with each other and each individual patient. I cannot recommend Weis Eye Center enough for ALL of your eye care!

R.M. - 2023

Dr. Weis and his staff were great. You could tell they like what they do. I brought my dad down to see him. I had a couple questions about my eyes and Dr. Weis cheerfully answered. Would definatley recommend him and his staff.

Jeanne - 2022

I had LASIK done here and I couldn't be happier! The staff is so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I was scared out of my mind and almost backed out, it's my vision after all, but they put me at ease and Dr. Weis was amazing! They talk you through everything step by step and make you feel so comfortable. They check, double check, even triple check everything. I now have 20/20 vision and would do it again in a heartbeat!! I can't thank Dr. Weis and his staff enough!

Lynn - 2021

I've been going to Weis Eye Center for over 8 years now. I had a wonderful experience with my PRK eye corrective surgery that I had done there in the fall of 2012. I still have perfect vision and go back every couple of years for routine eye checks. Would recommend going here to any friend or family member. Great service.

Ariel - 2021

I am very happy with the service Dr. Weis and his team provided. He recently performed cataract surgery on me and I am really happy with the results. Everything was clearly explained to me throughout the process and his staff were both friendly and professional.

David - 2021

Dr. Weis is kind, caring and knowledgeable. Every time I've visited his office I have felt that he and his staff really listen and go out of their way to help. I am grateful for their care and highly recommend their services.

Lynn - 2021

I received excellent care. In fact, Dr. Weis and his staff helped me avoid cataract surgery. They are a blessing in my life.

Karen - 2020

They were very nice people, and very informative. Made sure I understood everything.

Laurie - 2021

I don't think I could've had a better experience anywhere. Dr. Weis, Bernie, and all the other staff have been nothing short of outstanding. I was kept completely comfortable during my procedure and after surgery as well. Prior to my surgery, I spoke with many people that had this same procedure done elsewhere. My experience was, by far, the most pleasant of all the stories I've heard. I virtually had no pain. I had many follow ups after my procedure and definitely felt well cared for throughout the process. I felt very much a part of a family there. Thank you all for such a pleasant experience!

Sean - 2018

I highly recommend Dr. Weis. I live in Florida but continue to see Dr. Weis every year when we travel north. I had cataract surgery on both my eyes last summer. I have pseudo exfoliation in my one eye. Dr. Weis is experienced with the condition and I had confidence in his skill. Everything went well and I’m very satisfied.

Audrey - 2018

Dr. Weis and his team of top notch medical staff are the best in all of northern Minnesota. They all have MANY years of experience and are very professional. That's why I will always go to Weis Eye Center.

Scott - 2017

I give Weis Eye Center 5 stars. Love this place!! The staff and Dr. Weis are so good and so helpful my family, friends, and I are so pleased with the care that we receive.

Brenda - 2014

I give Weis Eye Center 5 stars. I have been coming here for 12 years and feel as I am part of a family when I come. Very friendly atmosphere.

Sharon - 2014

I have always felt that Dr. Weis and his staff have been courteous and Dr. Weis explains everything clearly. It has been a good experience always.

Jean - 2013

Courteous and professional staff. Dr. Weis is always pleasant. 5 stars

Marlene - 2013

Great! Very nice staff. 5 stars

Beverly - 2013

Very kind and caring staff. I would absolutely recommend the practice to my family and friends. 5 stars

Kathy - 2013

The staff is very comforting and helpful when it came to my concerns. 5 stars

Christine - 2013

I am well satisfied with the good care, and how Dr. Weis explains everything to me. 5 stars

Ardell - 2013

I cannot say enough good things about the quality of care I have recieved over the past 10 years. Dr. Weis and the entire staff are to notch!

Patrick - 2013

Fast and very efficient. Wonderful staff. 5 stars

Frank - 2013

I have been a patient of Dr. Weis' for over 10 years. I love him and would recommend Weis Eye Center to my family and friends. 5 stars

Marion - 2013

First experience at this office. I felt very comfortable- everyone was very accommodating and answered my questions with explanations.

Mary - 2013

I give Weis Eye Center 5 stars. Very comfortable setting and knowledgeable staff.

Barbara - 2013

I give Weis Eye Center 5 stars. Entire staff gets five stars, answers questions clearly.

Jack - 2013

Excellent customer service. Dr. Weis and the assistant willingly explained every test along the way. They helped me feel comfortable and cared for. Thanks! 5 stars

Stephen - 2013

I give Weis Eye Center 5 stars. Love this office. They all take good care of me and my family. I recommend this office every chance I get! Thank you for wonderful, caring, and friendly staff.

Maureen - 2013

I give Weis Eye Center 5 stars. Everyone was so helpful in calming my nerves. I was even able to see the operating room and lasers prior to surgery so I knew what to expect. Amazing staff!

Angie - 2014

I give Weis Eye Center 5 stars. I enjoy the entire staff and find Dr. Weis very helpful and the way he explains problems and treatment I appreciate. Russ explained things well also. Thanks to all!

Elaine - 2013

The receptionist and technicians are outstanding. Excellent eye exam, tear measure, eye plug, and Rx for reading glasses. Nice to get everything done in a day. Thank You! 5 stars

Patrice - 2014

My daughter was in a car accident, she had a major cut [laceration] to her forehead, near her right eye. Dr. Weis saw her in the hospital as well as twice in his office. Very complete exams, as healing allowed, but as important if not more important his bed-side manner was superior. Not the best way to meet, but we are glad we did. Wonderful, professional, personal care.

Herb - 2013

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